Welcome and Thank You for stopping by.  First i would like to address a little something about this thing i call Jesus-isms.   I subscribe to and follow who/what i choose to call Jesus Christ and His Father, Jehovah God Almighty who i choose to believe as the creator of ALL things, beings, ideals and identities.  Everything.  I believe they are Father and Son, not one in the same.  Just like we have Fathers and Sons here on Earth.  So, my point is…read on…keep an open mind…don’t be offended by my referring to Jesus and or Jehovah, just simply replace the names with whatever You subscribe to.  The only place i draw my line is with anything to do with satan, because he is the ruler of this wicked, ugly, destructive system of things we currently live in.  Yes, THAT i truly believe because of everything i have been through in my lifes work.   So, because of what i believe i know from Jesus…… I may call Him Jesus, you might call Him/Her, Buddha or the Universe, or Mother Earth or Yahweh.   In addition, you may call yourself an Atheist, you too are included in all this.   Why?  Because with every Atheist i have met and spoken to i find, although you have your strong convictions and beliefs just as i and others do, i find you, the Atheists still share the common thread as all the above……that common thread is you care about what goes on around you and to those and things who you love or are important to you.   

THAT, is the common thread and will be the common thread to all of what i will speak about here on Jesus-isms.   The fact is, who i call Jesus is simply wanting us to display that we care about what goes on around us, and what happens to this world that for whatever reason you all want to subscribe to, we ended up here and now are responsible to take care of it, the Earth and ALL its inhabitants. 

What i do know for a fact is HE/SHE, who ever it is we follow other then satan, would and does want us all to be accountable and responsible for our actions, our words and our deeds.   Each and every one of us.   In fact HE & HIS Father Jehovah require it, they expect it.  Whether you follow Buddha or Allah or any of the sort……they also require it, expect it.  Even if you are Atheist, this all pertains to you also.   If you believe in Mother Earth and the power of the UniverseSHE also expects it, requires it in order for HER Earth to be respected, taken care of, loved and built upon.

satan.  I would like to be clear on the subject of satan and my feelings about him.   He is like each and every one of us, so like us he needs to earn respect, trust and dare i say….love?   Therefore, you will not see me ever capitalize his name, any of his names.   Just my little way i guess.   A personal thing.   Shallow maybe i admit.  I have blogged about satan on other blogs in the past but not on this specific blogsite.     satan is real, just as real as any other identity you may believe in.   satan, is Jesus’s brother as he was created by Jehovah, just as Jesus was.   Hmmmm…..tough one to process eh?  With that in mind…..i choose to say then that Jehovah, or whoever you call God etc….has a family, just as you and i do.  Annnnnd, that family includes, yes includes satan….who is therefore as you and i are and Jesus is……a child of Jehovah.    Following me here?   Soooo,  i have this belief and wish about satan.1) I wish and i honestly pray almost everyday that satan will come to his senses and ask Jehovah for Forgiveness.  Yes, i said it…For Jehovah to Forgive satan and lets start cleaning up this mess, all of us….all 100% of us world wide.  2) Jehovah and Jesus state they are about Forgiveness and we are to forgive our enemies.  satan is considered by many to be “the enemy”.   Why cannot Jehovah and Jesus continually encourage satan to ask for and receive forgiveness from them? I am not asking you a question, i am stating a point.   So my prayer, my wish and my request of Jehovah and Jesus is to encourage and leave the door open for satan to come forward and ask for that forgiveness and put an end to all this craziness here on this Earth.  I am not stating Jehovah should just wave his staff and “poof” satan is a changed soul and forgiven.  No, i am saying satan must be given the same options we are given.  Ohhhh, that outta get you going eh?  :-))!   3)  Do i despise satan and does he disgust me?  Absolutely.  Do i fight him daily?  Absolutely.  However, i also see him as one of Jehovah’s family, so i keep an open mind.  I hold out hope.  Can i forgive satan?   Nope.  That is a God Job as my fiance, Pat would say.  If Jehovah and Jesus forgives satan, then we all must also and i most definitely would do so at that time and celebrate his homecoming.   I know, i know, you are shaking your head.   Well, the more you think about Jehovah having a family you will get the fact that not only did his kid rebel, he had to boot him out of his house and slammed the door!  In essence it is like saying your child is dead to you!   You know exactly how that would feel.   It makes me sad for Jehovah and Jesus.  They have lost a once very close loved one.  That is heartbreaking no matter who you are if you think about it and open your mind enough to picture it.

So, ok, this is enough to get us started on all this stuff.   Please come back for more as i will be adding more posts/blogs as often as i can.   Subscribe to the blog so you can see a different light maybe a different take then we all grew up on.

The “war” between Good & Evil……between God & satan…… i call it a“game”.  I am simply wanting to be on the good team.

Which team do you want to be on?

Lets have some fun!

Lance Greene :-))!

Lance Greene is 52 and has developed these beliefs through a life of doing work helping others through homelessness and suicide tendencies and experiences.  Also, i have been involved in many religions…raised a Catholic, went to “Born Again” churches, was baptized and subsequently removed myself as a Jehovah’s Witness and now is in an extremely close relationship with Jesus.  Both a working and a personal relationship.  So everything i blog about here will be from my years of experiences, turmoils, celebrations, tears and laughters with others and from what i have learned specifically from Jesus’s direction in the work i do as Founder of Straight Ahead Outreach (Taking Back your Life) Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit.

**** If you like what you see here and would like to Donate to support what we do, please go to my nonprofit website shown above or HERE and make a Donation.  Your Donations are fully tax-deductible under the USA IRS Federal 501c3 tax code.  Thank you.  

Lance Greene


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