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9111On this day we all must not forget so as to give respect to those who lost their lives and to keep vigilant about the future.

Never Forget How Stunned You Were, We ALL Were, even those who planned it!


Never Forget those who jumped to their deaths!


Never, Never Never!


Never Forget the level of destruction!


Never Forget the First Responders!


Never Forget Our Strengths!


Never Forget!



Never Ever Ever Never Forget…..

This is only part of the very ugly Battle between Jesus Christ and Lucifer/Satan yet to come to a climax.

We cannot let it get us down or depress us into paralysis.  There will be more of this, much more and much more devastation.

We must realize that we have to place our trust in Jesus Christ and to be ready for however His plans will unfold.  Just be ready to obey Him, to follow Him, to do what He tells us to do and you will be ok.

He will provide the way, the means.  Do not try to prepare in an earthly way but rather in a way that places you closer to Jesus and His Father and knowing them and their ways even if you do not agree with them or think what they are doing is right.  Be ok with that. They Know what is best for all of us as all of what we know as our life is their creation, NOT ours.

This Day is an example of when we must be standing strong and preparing ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually for Jesus Christ and His Father Jehovah God Almighty. 

Preparing ourselves for THIS is how it will be, even worse. 

Trust in, Count on and Rely on Jesus Christ and we will be ok.

Be ready and willing to respond and Jesus will guide us.

It’s Jesus Christ and His Father Jehovah’s Game.

How Will YOU play it?

What side will YOU be on?

I pray in Jesus’ name that you will be blessed with mental spiritual strength, and that you place your trust in Jesus Christ and His Fathers’ plans right now from this moment forward.

Be Strong

Never Forget!

jesus with crown

Be ready to gather together and trample!

On the War Path