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Today is 3/27/2013

Take a Look Around You Today…Open Your Eyes….

It is Time to Wake Up…..

Our World Today is simply out of control…..

I Believe we are at the point of no return….

It is do or die time…

Time to make your choice…Time to decide who you believe in, which side you are on in this battle, this game…..

Do you believe in and support Jesus Christ and His Father God in Heaven Jehovah God Almighty?

Or do you believe in and support Lucifer/Satan?

Lucifer/Satan is as real as Jesus Christ Himself…Literally in all aspects

Whether you know and believe in what is in the Bible or Even if you do not believe in the Bible or anything from it for that matter, then please consider this for the moment….

Picture and run through your mind what you do know about the Bible or what you have heard people say about what is contained in the Bible….

Got it?  Do you have the picture?

Now….Take a Look Around you Today…right now….

Everything……EVERYTHING that God states in the Old Testament what NOT to do in the Bible has been completely, utterly, adulteratedly (is that a word?)  flipped upside down and twisted into such a knot that people simply cannot untie it seems…

Everything….from Food, Money, Material Things, Sex, Marriage, Kindness, how to live our lives and how not to live our lives….


We as people do not even listen to Jesus Christ who gave His Life!

What a slap THAT is!

All of it has been blown wayyyy out of proportion….

Increased…Escalated beyond comprehension….Out of Control…

THAT my Friends is Lucifer/Satan at the Controls…

It Is Time to Wake Up!

Look Around you today!

Look to Jesus Christ and Focus on Him and what He wants, what He says….

What He says His Father God requires and look at the Old Testament and see what God stated HE wanted….He stated those things for a reason…

And then DO IT!

It is the Only True Hope We have!

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