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What Will YOU be doing When Jesus is Sent to Take Care of Business…?

Looking at Facebook????

We ALL need to really think about this…no matter which side you fall on…

Our world we live in, this world where satan/Lucifer is the ruler…..

A World in which he has filled with myriads of distractions…

This very computer i am blogging on included…

The cell phone/smartphone i use included…

The tv i watch included and the shows and ads i watch included…

Yes some of which are tools i use to do my business, however, that does not mean they have to distract me from Jehovah’s Glory.  I will better manage them and utilize them in different ways.  

Our World we live in, this world which satan/Lucifer has been given authority over which to rule until Jesus is sent to Take Care of Business…

Yes, in this world we still have choices of what we will do and be doing when Jehovah God Almighty sends His Son Jesus the Christ to once and for all Take Care of Business, business to be run the way Jehovah wants it with Jesus as King and ruler.

What Will YOU be doing When Jesus is Sent to Take Care of Business…?


Not me.  

It is for this reason i will be working on being more Awake when Jesus is sent.  It is for this reason I will begin to eliminate as many of Satan/Lucifer’s distractions as i possibly and feasibly can which i feel either are a negative distraction or do damage.  

For this reason, i will begin by deleting my Facebook account on the evening of 2/1/2013.

Be Alert! Be Awake! Do not be fooled or distracted, for not anyone, not even the Son of God knows the hour in which He will be sent to Take Care of Business.

I for one, am going to fight with all i have, i will fight to not be fooled or distracted with any of Satan/Lucifer’s machinations any longer.

It is time to look around you people, are YOU being fooled?  Distracted?

Damaged, bullied or hurt?  

Or are you hurting others through your use of your phone or computer?

Are you spending unnecessary additional time with your phone and or computer when you should be spending time with your family?

Where is your focus? On this World, Or God’s World?

It is time to take charge of your life, your future. YOU, have a choice.

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