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January 21, 2013
Inauguration of President Obama
The honoring of Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.
With all due respect to the men being honored today on this day of Inauguration and freedom and the great efforts they have made on behalf of our world, it is my job and responsibility as believer and follower of both Jesus Christ and His Father in Heaven Jehovah God to extend to all their instructions for us ALL.
We must not lose sight, we must keep awake, keep alert and keep our focus on our heavenly Father Jehovah God and His Son Jesus the Christ.
Without our Creator, without His Son, we would have no freedom to celebrate.   

We are instructed in the New Testament in Romans 13 below, to obey, to have respect for and be in subjection to our superior authorities as they are placed here on this earth by our Creator God in Heaven.  Our Father in heaven Jehovah feels if you go against the authorities He has placed in power then we are going against His arrangement. 


When you think of Jesus and how He handled Himself He always showed respect and in the end He did display subjection.  


HOWEVER, Jesus never placed His Hope or his trust in those men.  He ALWAYS placed His Hope in His Father God in Heaven, as Jesus always puts it……”the one who sent me.”


So you will also see below in Psalms 146 we are instructed not to place our Trust or HOPE in Nobles or in the “son of earthling man to whom no salvation belongs.”


Jesus Christ is our salvation to the Hope of everlasting life in Jehovah’s Kingdom ruled by His Son Jesus Christ. 


If you know Jesus Christ and His Father in Heaven then please keep Awake!  Keep Alert and focused every minute of every day.  The time is becoming shorter, that is obvious but no one knows when the end days will come, not the angels, not the Son of God and for sure not Satan/Lucifer.  So i pray we all will be diligent in our focus and where we place our Hope and our Trust and in whom we do so and how we display that also.


If You do not have Hope, please find it in Jesus Christ and His Father in heaven Jehovah God Almighty, the One who sent Jesus to show us how it’s done!  You do not have to go anywhere special, be anyone special.  All you have to do is ask them to come into your life and mean it, want it whole-heartedly….yes, you may have to ask them numerous times….i won’t pretend otherwise…..but please do so and they will.  Do not give up, remember they are extremely busy just like you may be too and what is a year of time to you and i, is not even a blink of their eyes to either one of them.  Be patient, give them time, they will come to you and give you the strength, peace, comfort, knowledge and wisdom you seek.   I guarantee you.



Romans 13:1–14
1Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God.  2Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will receive judgment to themselves.  3For those ruling are an object of fear, not to the good deed, but to the bad. Do you, then, want to have no fear of the authority? Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it;  4for it is God’s minister to you for your good. But if you are doing what is bad, be in fear: for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad.

5There is therefore compelling reason for ​YOU​ people to be in subjection, not only on account of that wrath but also on account of [YOUR] conscience. 6For that is why ​YOU​ are also paying taxes; for they are God’s public servants constantly serving this very purpose. 7Render to all their dues, to him who [calls for] the tax, the tax; to him who [calls for] the tribute, the tribute; to him who [calls for] fear, such fear; to him who [calls for] honor, such honor.

8Do not ​YOU​ people be owing anybody a single thing, except to love one another; for he that loves his fellowman has fulfilled [the] law.  9For the [law code], “You must not commit adultery, You must not murder, You must not steal, You must not covet,” and whatever other commandment there is, is summed up in this word, namely, “You must love your neighbor as yourself.” 10Love does not work evil to one’s neighbor; therefore love is the law’s fulfillment.

11[Do] this, too, because ​YOU​ people know the season, that it is already the hour for ​YOU​ to awake from sleep, for now our salvation is nearer than at the time when we became believers. 12The night is well along; the day has drawn near. Let us therefore put off the works belonging to darkness and let us put on the weapons of the light. 13As in the daytime let us walk decently, not in revelries and drunken bouts, not in illicit intercourse and loose conduct, not in strife and jealousy. 14But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not be planning ahead for the desires of the flesh.

Psalms 146:1-10
1Praise Jah, ​YOU​ people!

Praise Jehovah, O my soul.

2I will praise Jehovah during my lifetime.
I will make melody to my God as long as I am.

3Do not put ​YOUR​ trust in nobles,
Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.

4His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground;
In that day his thoughts do perish.

5Happy is the one who has the God of Jacob for his help,
Whose hope is in Jehovah his God,
6The Maker of heaven and earth,
Of the sea, and of all that is in them,
The One keeping trueness to time indefinite,
7The One executing judgment for the defrauded ones,
The One giving bread to the hungry ones.
Jehovah is releasing those who are bound.

8Jehovah is opening [the eyes of] the blind ones;
Jehovah is raising up the ones bowed down;
Jehovah is loving the righteous ones.

9Jehovah is guarding the alien residents;
The fatherless boy and the widow he relieves,
But the way of the wicked ones he makes crooked.

10Jehovah will be king to time indefinite,
Your God, O Zion, for generation after generation.
Praise Jah, ​YOU​ people!

I pray that Jehovah God Almighty Be with us all, everywhere, everyday, every prayer and every request. I make a specific request in Jesus’ name to you Jehovah God to please introduce yourself and your Son Jesus to those who do not know you or Jesus and who may be afraid to follow you and your Son Jesus or even speak to either of you and who might also think they do not deserve you.  Please Jehovah, i ask this in Jesus’ name and i Thank You for your kindness, firmness, discipline and direction. Amen.


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