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(I will capitalize his name in this blog, something i normally do not do)

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and relax.  Its a long one.  :-))!

My Open Letter to Satan

Satan, I know who you are and you know who I am.  We have spoke many many times.  I have seen you, you know this.  Many times and in many places.

And Yes, I even see where you have infiltrated yourself into the Bible and where you entered into the midst of the Apostles and their teachings.  You know I see you there and you know where.  You found a way to sneak yourself and your influence into the New Testament before it was even written.  By deceiving the Apostles exactly like you did Eve and Adam.

***(here is where you should be advised why knowing and stating our God‘s name Jehovah is so important.  I do not want to simply say “God” all the time as satan himself is also considered a god.  I want to be very clear who I am speaking about.  Jehovah God has many forms and names as He can be “whatever he pleases” per His words.  Jehovah is simply the name I have learned to love for Him.  You may have another such as Yahweh.  Do not worry, it does not offend Him, just so as you know exactly who you are talking about and you may be safe in the fact that He knows when you are talking about or referring to Him as it is in your Soul and He is the one who placed it there…Our Creator of ALL things. )

You see Satan…. I See you.   I have you in my sights like never before thanks be to Jehovah God and His Son Jesus the Christ.

We have fought many times you and I.  Many times and in many places.

You have attacked me many times and I have fought you back, cursing you and your name, your very being and you have cursed me also.  You have mocked and made fun of my belief in Jehovah God, your Father and in your brother Jesus Christ.  This part I must say is the “High Schoolish” part of you that surprises me, which Jehovah allows me to see as your weakness, of what you contend to be false, immature and without validity, meaning Jehovah God Almighty being our Supreme Creator of all things.

You Satan, know better than anyone, absolutely anyone….who Jehovah God is.  Who Jesus Christ is.

YOU Satan are Lucifer.  YOU Satan once held the position of “The Mighty Guardian” in Jehovah God’s World.  HOLY CRAP!  Are you serious??!!!

Jesus Christ not only stepped up to the plate, but He took your place, fully filled it and now is showing everyone how to do the right thing in order to please Jehovah God.  That is how it is done Satan.

You gave that up for all the darkness, deception and violence?  Really?  In Dr. Phil‘s words…”How’s That Workin For Ya?”

You had it ALL, everything.

The Mighty Guardian.  THAT is the position you held.   It makes my head spin knowing just exactly who you are, the level of klout you have with Jehovah God even still to this day and where I and others like me here on this earth are in the scheme of things.

We are teenie tiny specs.  Grains of dust basically.  

“Grains of Dust”, each personally known by Jehovah God & Jesus Christ.

HOWEVER, with Jesus Christ and Jehovah God and His Holy Spirit all at our side, we become HUGE Giants of unlimited power in this battle with you.

Battle, one that I call “The Game” between you and Jehovah God.

A Game that not even Jesus Christ himself had a say in.  Jesus had a choice, just like us….either to participate or not.  He chose to participate.  Because of HIM,  we WILL Win.

Where did Jehovah God put you Lucifer?

Here with us.

Kinda funny eh?

So, Satan, Lucifer, which name do YOU like better?  I chose Lucifer.  Deep down I know you do also.  You miss Lucifer in fact.  I know that too.  Gotcha! :-))!  So now and in the future I will refer to you as that.  Lucifer.  Wanna know why?  Because THAT is your real name, Satan has simply become a nickname for you, a “label” if you will (I dislike labels)…..sort of like when our earthly society refers to an “Addict” or “Alcoholic.”  I do not believe in those labels either.  I like to stick with facts.  You are who you are, who you were.  I cannot discount or set that aside.  If I would continue to do that I would be offending Jehovah and there is no way I will allow myself or anyone else to do that if I can help it.

In the future I am going to try and make every effort not to curse you.  Not to fight you with anger and hate.   Why?  because Jesus tells me not to hate you.  Yeah, when Jesus first shared with me not to hate you I was shocked too.  Horrified actually, angry even because I hated you for so long for what you have done.  But I am not anymore, haven’t been for quite a while now.  Interesting eh?  Yep, and Jehovah backed it up.  Man my head spun!  When Jehovah showed me almost 3 years ago exactly who we were dealing with in regards to you it broke my heart that you would give up all you had for what you have now.  It broke my heart that Jehovah God had to kick one of His Family, one of His Children out of His House in heaven.

Shame on you Lucifer.  Shame on you , in you and before and after you.  Shame will follow you forever until YOU make a decision.  The right decision.

You destroyed my marriage to my childhood sweetheart, the Mother of my son and the family life we had or were to have.  THAT is where I know I first seen you.  But see, you did not destroy any of us actually,  as we are Jehovah God’s warriors still,  as all of us are in this battle with Him and Jesus against you to turn all those we can towards Jehovah and Jesus and their ways and means.

You destroyed the life of my current God Given Wife (His answer to my prayers of 13 years) of who you know I love very much, her marriage and family life and attacked her children too.  She knows and sees you there.  Funny thing, you didn’t destroy her or her kids either as they are all still very much in the battle of trying to do good.

So Lucifer, here is my bottom line.  I will give you my war plan right here in plain sight for you and for all to see.

1)  I have battled you for Jehovah God and in the name of Jesus the Christ for over 22 years now.

2)  My battle with you as one of Jehovah’s warriors, as in the last few years, will take on an even more drastic and direct approach with you.

3)  I will make every effort not to curse you anymore Lucifer….and that is because you ARE Lucifer.

4)  I intend to show you respect as to who you once were, Lucifer The Mighty Guardian.  Why?  Because Jesus tells me to do so and Jehovah agrees.  Also, because I wholeheartedly believe in the following saying:

Treat a Person As They Are, and They Will Remain As They Are.

Treat Them As They Could Be, & They Will Become What They Should Be.

5)  So my Battle Plan is to:  Treat You Lucifer, As Who You Could Be so You Will Return to Who You Should Be.  Back working for the good of all on Jehovah and Jesus’ side as a Family.

Shame on you Lucifer.  Shame on you , in you and before and after you.  Shame will follow you forever until YOU make a decision.  The right decision.

We can end all this ugliness, right now, right here.

Lucifer, the business Jesus asked Jehovah God to place me in at Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking back Your Life is one of repairing Bridges that have been burned in families by your hand.

Now I am seeing that it is time for me to work on You Lucifer, time to repair the Bridges (and there are myriads of them) which YOU have burned within Jehovah God Himself and His Family of Angels and Guardians.  ALL of whom you personally know and have seen and even shared memories with.

What do I want?   Well, you and I have already spoke about it numerous times, but I will state it here for the sake of repetition and for the ones who are reading.

You have been cast to this Earth, down here with us.  Although you once were the Mighty Guardian, although you do indeed STILL carry great clout with Jehovah God,  you are now in the same position as us.

Bottom line….You MUST REPENT Lucifer of ALL you have done.  All of it.  In its entirety.  Yep, the dreaded words….Apologize and state how you are truly Sorry, Why and what you will do to rectify the wrongs.  You know exactly what it is.  I do not need to explain it to you.  You know it better than any of us here on this earth.

Because of all the clout I have seen which Jehovah God Himself has given to you, I am confident that His Heavenly Door is still open.  It is ok, It will be ok Lucifer.   But, as you know, you have a great deal of work and a lonnnnnnng walk up that stairwell to get to Him and apologize.  However, to you it should be a walk in the park.  Call on the strengths you used to have, the ones Jehovah God gave you.  Don’t be stubborn, I know you know.

I suggest You get Started.

Let’s Make this World what Jehovah intended it to be Lucifer.

It is not too late for you, for all of us….Yet.

So, Lucifer, I will keep repeating and repeating this type of encouragement until you get sick of hearing me and finally walk up that “Stairway to Heaven”.  

Come, pick one of our Horses and ride with us and Jesus Christ our Leader and Savior.  Yes, Lucifer, Jesus will be Your King too.  BUT BUT BUT, I do know and have been assured that you will once again hold a high position of Guardian status.  I get the feel it will be to be Jesus’ Guardian this time.  Nothin wrong with that!

This will be my battle.  

Please do not misinterpret me here Lucifer.  You know me well and you know I will not stop trying to keep people on and bring people from your side to  Jesus and Jehovah’s side, to repair the bridges you have burned in so many peoples lives.  

I will do it until the day I die or until You Apologize and Repent and the World is once again a Garden of Eden.

Start Your Walk Lucifer up the Stairway to Jehovah.  Go Back Home to Where You are from.  Do not just “Enter and Rove about” but rather knock and ask for permission to enter.  When Jehovah asks why you are there, even though you know He knows why….Make the statement….

Father, I am here to REPENT.

Then, Lucifer, Pick Your Horse from Jesus’ herd and Lets Ride!

***And my old blog along the same lines from 2009:  http://homelesscrisis.blogspot.com/2009/10/taught-to-hate-satan.html