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BOOK !!!

Shame on you!!  What did you think i meant??  


Many times we can get too deep into a book, in this case i am talking about our Bible.  Yep, i know i know, but yes, our Bible.   We get so far in that we cannot see beyond it.   It is an awesome book, an awesome book of our God’s Word.  An Awe Inspiring Book of His Commands and Life Saving instruction.

BUT, there is a favorite thing that Joyce Meyers says that i simply love and agree with 1000%.

This is not a word for word quote but it is very close.

It is this which Joyce Meyer says:  Once you have studied and studied the Bible, God’s Word and you now know what it is saying, what it is all about…Then it is time to get out and DO SOMETHING with that knowledge.

So this is what I am saying….

I am not saying to throw away your Bible.  So blow out that match!

What i am saying is…

Close the book for a moment and put it down.  Now put what You know into action.   Hold Jesus and His Father close to you in your heart and Soul, in your very being.

Trust that our Creator, Jesus’s Father in Heaven is in you.  Trust in and believe them.   Believe their Words.

Now…..with Jesus and His Father in You, working one on one with You, one WITH You….

Now…GO…..Do Something with what Jesus and His Father in Heaven Jehovah God Almighty have taught You.  You will grow in your relationship with them both more than you would ever imagine.

They want you to take that step, to rely on them.

Our Creator of this Universe, the whole Universe wants you to…

Go and “Do” in Jesus’s name.

Pull Your Head Out….

Long Enough to grow.  Long enough to confuse satan.