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One of God‘s Angels…… Miss Sandy (Lady Bug Bug)

15 Years Old,  Went to be with her Daddy Neil today 8/23/2012

Sandy blessed Pat and I with her presence about 10 months ago.   What an Angel she is.  She is such a beautiful, loving spirit.  Look at them eyes.  The photo was taken in our van after her vet appointment on Monday 8/20/2012.   We had been trying to see if we could make her feel better, to get better, we were crushed at the thought of losing this beautiful girl, but we knew she was on her way.

She is a fighter, right up to today.  She had us carrying her around the house to get water and to sleep here and there and to go outside. She loved being carried around.  Not typical for this girl a very independent lady.  :-))!

Miss Sandy provided much warmth in our home with her big beautiful eyes and that smile.   Look at that smile! She was beautiful right up to the moment she fell deep into sleep.  

She is now with her real Daddy in Heaven.  We were simply her step-parents.  What a privilege indeed.  We love her dearly.

Today, we could see it was time to let her go home to be with her Daddy Neil.  From what we know she was Daddy’s Girl.  

Thank You Sandy for your warmth, your Love and for sharing your beautiful personality with Pat, Tobie and I.   We will ALL miss you.  Please have fun running with our Gracie :-))!

We Love you Lady Bug Bug

Today, one of God’s Angels got called home.