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Jesus, Is Not a “Get out of Jail Free Card”…..

Surely His Father in Heaven is not either.

Seriously, He isn’t.  To believe he is, diminishes His life, His work, His death and His soon to come Kingdom.  Jehovah God has given authority to Jesus Christ to build it, to gather His people, His Sheep.  Do You want to be there?  Will you be there?  It is in us to be those sheep, to help gather those sheep.

Will You be one of His Sheep?  Will You help gather His Sheep?  Will You be an example to those Sheep in the way Jesus is?  Will you emulate Jesus to His Sheep?  (imitate Jesus, mirror Jesus, copy, follow Jesus’s example?)    If you will, it makes Jesus’s job all that much easier as He Himself makes His case for us, on our behalf to His Father in Heaven, Jehovah God.

We cannot wipe the sweat from our brow, say to ourselves…”Whew” and sit back and do nothing.  Especially in these times, these days.   Do not take Jesus for granted.  Do not “use” Jesus for your benefit, your personal gain.  Use Him to fight the battle.  He is right there with us, beside us.  It is up to us.  Jesus and His Father in the Heavens give us the tools.  We need to pick up the hammers and pound.

We cannot repeatedly continue to sin against Jesus’s instruction and His Father in Heaven’s Commandments and expect everything to be ok.  Simply, it won’t be.   It takes work.  It takes commitment to both Jesus’s ways and truths and His Father Jehovah who sent Him, who taught Him, who is with Him just as He is with all of us.  Just as you yourself send yourselves with your sons and daughters as they leave your homes.   

If we continue in our repeated sins, the same ones we ask for forgiveness for over and over again, we place Jesus in a difficult position before His Father in Heaven.  We make it more difficult for Jesus to stand up for us, to plead a case on our behalf.

Do I myself need to try harder?  Absolutely!   Do you need to try harder?  Absolutely!  ALL of us do, that is painfully obvious, look around you.  Look beyond yourselves for a moment.   It should stun you how massive the need is.   If it does not, then satan still has a tight grip on you, he is scamming you, blinding not only your eyes but also your mind and your heart.

In 2 Chronicles 7:11-22 – Jehovah God appeared to Solomon (please read the scripts before also in 1-10:

11 Thus Sol´o·mon finished the house of Jehovah and the house of the king; and in everything that had come into Sol´o·mon’s heart to do regarding the house of Jehovah and his own house he proved successful. 12 Jehovah now appeared to Sol´o·mon during the night and said to him: “I have heard your prayer, and I have chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice. 13 When I shut up the heavens that no rain may occur and when I command the grasshoppers to eat up the land and if I send a pestilence among my people, 14 and my people upon whom my name has been called humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn back from their bad ways, then I myself shall hear from the heavens and forgive their sin, and I shall heal their land. 15 Now my own eyes will prove to be opened and my ears attentive to prayer at this place. 16 And now I do choose and sanctify this house that my name may prove to be there to time indefinite, and my eyes and my heart will certainly prove to be there always.

17 “And if you yourself will walk before me, just as David your father walked, even by doing according to all that I have commanded you, and you will keep my regulations and my judicial decisions, 18 I will also establish the throne of your kingship, just as I covenanted with David your father, saying, ‘There will not a man of yours be cut off from ruling over Israel.’ 19 But if YOU yourselves turn back and actually leave my statutes and my commandments that I have put before YOU, and YOU actually go and serve other gods and bow down to them, 20 I will also uproot them from off my ground that I have given them; and this house that I have sanctified for my name, I shall throw away from before my face, and I shall make it a proverbial saying and a taunt among all the peoples. 21 As for this house that had become heaps of ruins, everyone passing by it will stare in amazement and be certain to say, ‘For what reason did Jehovah do like that to this land and to this house?’ 22 And they will have to say, ‘It was for the reason that they left Jehovah the God of their forefathers who had brought them out of the land of Egypt, and they proceeded to take hold of other gods and bow down to them and serve them. That is why he brought upon them all this calamity.’”


Matthew 5:17-19

17 “Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill; 18 for truly I say to YOU that sooner would heaven and earth pass away than for one smallest letter or one particle of a letter to pass away from the Law by any means and not all things take place. 19 Whoever, therefore, breaks one of these least commandments and teaches mankind to that effect, he will be called ‘least’ in relation to the kingdom of the heavens. As for anyone who does them and teaches them, this one will be called ‘great’ in relation to the kingdom of the heavens. 20 For I say to YOU that if YOUR righteousness does not abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, YOU will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens.

We must ALL try harder to DO as we are told by both Jesus and His Father in Heaven.  Yes, to DO as we are told.  

If we ALL DO, the world will indeed be a better place and satan will have no choice but to loosen his grip.

So let us ALL band together and trample like a herd of horses on the run to their desired destination.

Pick Up Your Hammers and Pound!

Is Doing the Will of our Father God in the Heavens YOUR destination?   

Come Along!