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When You Wake Up each day, take a moment as you sit up in bed and place your feet on the floor and before you get that first cup of coffee, tea or Mountain Dew…………..

Say Good Morning to Jesus and “Clothe” yourself with Him before anything.  This way you are wearing Him both in Private and in Public when you go on with your day.

This will be one of my new focuses in my efforts to do God‘s Will each day.

There are days i know, when i do not “Shine Jesus’s Light” and those are the days when i do not make Him first in my day.

So, from now on, i will clothe myself with Jesus every morning before i leave the bed.

Then i will know, i will be “Shining Jesus’s Light” both at home in private and out in public and will be focused on doing His Father’s Will. 

My Hope is to “Shine” Jesus and His Father Jehovah’s Light where ever i am.

Then, my day will be as powerful as the two of them running side by side.