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Ok, i apologize, i stated i would continue this blog “in a couple days” from…5/7/2012 over a month ago now.  :-(  I simply haven’t had the head room.  In that blog from 5/17/2012  i asked a few questions.  Please go back and read it so you get the idea here before you go on.

You may also go to my wayyyy older blogsite to see the first blog i wrote on this topic in 10/2009 at Homelesscrisis.blogspot.com  i am sure you will find it interesting.

Anyway the questions i asked from the 5/7/2012 blog here were:  
1) Do You Love Your Enemies like we are instructed to do?  Are you sure?
2) Do you know where i am going with this?
3) What extraordinary thing could YOU do?  What would be truly extraordinary???
I am speaking about satan, the Deceiver, The Liar, The Enemy.  Our enemy, your enemy.   From what we know, Jesus and His Father’s enemy.
The Ultimate Enemy if you will.
Soooooo, as we are all instructed to do, do you love your Ultimate Enemy??
YOUZA!!   That there is a pretty tall order eh?? !!!
I know, I know.  Trust me and it doesn’t thrill me all that much either.  I am most certainly NOT a lover of satan. 
But, i can tell you this.  I have come to know and learn a great deal about satan through the Holy Spirit in the last 15 years, given to me by Jehovah God at Jesus’s request.
In my nonprofit work operating Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking back Your life Inc., i see and battle satan every minute of every day.  Literally.  
satan battles, tempts, deceives, misleads, tricks, cons, disguises himself as an angel of light, makes himself look generous to you, fools you, LAUGHS at you every second of every day.  Literally.   Exactly as he did to Jesus when Jesus was here on earth.
Do i love satan?   Hardly.
Being that i am someone that professes to follow and know Jesus and His Father in Heaven Jehovah God Almighty, creator of everything……
I have the conversation below and pray to Jehovah God Almighty in Jesus’s name, almost every single day now since about 9/2009. 

 1) I wish and i honestly pray almost everyday that satan will come to his senses and ask Jehovah for Forgiveness.  Yes, i said it…For Jehovah to Forgive satan and lets start cleaning up this mess, all of us….all 100% of us world wide.  2) Jehovah and Jesus state they are about Forgiveness and we are to forgive our enemies.  satan is considered by many to be “the enemy”.   Why cannot Jehovah and Jesus continually encourage satan to ask for and receive forgiveness from them? I am not asking you a question, i am stating a point.   So my prayer, my wish and my request of Jehovah and Jesus is to encourage and leave the door open for satan to come forward and ask for that forgiveness and put an end to all this craziness here on this Earth I am not stating Jehovah should just wave his staff and “poof” satan is a changed soul and forgiven.  No, i am saying satan must be given the same options we are given.  Ohhhh, that outta get you going eh?  :-))!   3)  Do i despise satan and does he disgust me?  Absolutely.  Do i fight him daily?  Absolutely.  However, i also see him as one of Jehovah’s family, so i keep an open mind.  I hold out hope.  Can i forgive satan?   Nope.  That is a God Job as my fiance, Pat would say.  If Jehovah and Jesus forgives satan, then we all must also and i most definitely would do so at that time and celebrate his homecoming.   I know, i know, you are shaking your head.   Well, the more you think about Jehovah having a family you will get the fact that not only did his kid rebel, he had to boot him out of his house and slammed the door!  In essence it is like saying your child is dead to you!   You know exactly how that would feel.   It makes me sad for Jehovah and Jesus.  They have lost a once very close loved one.  Once known as the Mighty Guardian before he was kicked out of Jehovah’s house.  

That is heartbreaking no matter who you are if you think about it and open your mind enough to picture it.

Enjoy your day and be blessed in Jesus’s name.

Lance Greene