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Good morning Everyone..i hope all of you are well and having a pleasant morning.

The other day i was picking up my wife Pat from work and as she came out she picked the Magnolia flower below from a tree near her offices front door.

It smells so beautiful….a soft pleasant very lemony/citrus scent.

Then it hit me…….SHEESH!

God even created Air fresheners for us!  “Air” fresheners, literally!

It wasn’t enough that He created trees to give oxygen to our air, but He went even further and created these wonderfully beautiful smelling and looking air fresheners.

Of course this magnolia is only one example.  He created endless varieties of these air fresheners…..Roses for example.  Maybe we all ought to stop and smell some roses today in fact….:-))!

Wow, so many gifts.

I Give Thanks to God Almighty in Jesus’s name for these precious and thoughtful gifts.