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The Bible can seem intimidating for a number of reasons.

1) So many pages  2) Those seemingly endless pages are sooooo thin.  3)  It seems difficult to read  4)  Seems difficult to understand.   Etc Etc Etc….

The thing is, while all of those and more may seem or even possibly be true….the Truth is, the more you Keep On reading it, Keep On seeking its information, the more the above intimidating distractions, which satan uses to discourage you with, will disappear and the information comes out like a flaming torch of light.

Here is the Bible Simplified: 

Read the Old Testaments first 5 books of, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  You will see God‘s Commands…..much much more then just 10 of them.   Hundreds more.   Read them and think hard on them, daydream about them, meditate on them if you will.  Listen to them and Do them and life will go well with you.

Bible Extremely Simplified.  The Bottom Line!

Just cannot bring yourself to read the Bible?  You are missing out i can tell you that.  BUT, ok…..

This is the bottom line in the Bible – Hear, See and Obey Jehovah God’s Commands, and things will go well for you.  Do not obey Him, and things will not go well for you.  Basically, that’s it in a teenie tiny nutshell.  As Simple as it gets.  He wants it to “go well with you” and He provides the commands so we can ALL get by right now, right here, today in this system of things run by satan. 

Read about ALL His commandments in the Old testament and make every effort to apply them in your life today.   Is it easy?  No, no it is not, but more you do, the more positive things you will see happen in your life.   And then it becomes easier and even fun!  :-))!  One of the rewards and the most seen, is many different levels of Peace and Peace of mind.  There are many more.

Here are a few Examples of God’s instructions being for our own good.  There are many more.

Deuteronomy 6:1-25

1 “Now these are the commandment, the regulations and the judicial decisions that Jehovah YOUR God has commanded to teach YOU, so as to do them in the land to which YOU are passing over there to take possession of it; 2 in order that you may fear Jehovah your God so as to keep all his statutes and his commandments that I am commanding you, you and your son and your grandson, all the days of your life, and in order that your days may prove long. 3 And you must listen, O Israel, and take care to do [them], that it may go well with you and that YOU may become very many, just as Jehovah the God of your forefathers has promised you, as respects the land flowing with milk and honey.

18 And you must do what is right and good in Jehovah’s eyes, in order that it may go well with you…..

24 Hence Jehovah commanded us to carry out all these regulations, to fear Jehovah our God for our good always, that we might keep alive as at this day. 

Hebrews 12:11

11 True, no discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but grievous; yet afterward to those who have been trained by it it yields peaceable fruit, namely, righteousness.

***Always always always, read the verses before and after any verses referenced by anyone.  It will give you more of the story line and a clearer picture.  If you have questions ask.  Asking God for the answer as you are reading gives the best results.

May Jehovah God and His Son Jesus be with you today.