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Jesus’s Father is not mean…..He simply Means What HE says.

You can count it it.

Simply put,

Do what God says, and you will be ok, right here, right now.

Ignore what He says and you will have confusion, turmoil and endless frustrations.  Sound familiar?

Remember, satan is not part of a fairy tale.  We are living in his system of things right now.  Gods’s Commands are instructions/disciplines for our survival and happiness right here, right now.  The war/game between satan and Jehovah God is real, literal and direct.  Which side do You want to be on?

I choose to be on Jesus and His Father’s side.

What is Jehovah God, Jesus’s Father in Heaven saying in the Bible?

What is His bottom line?  It is very simple.

God is telling you, me, simply all of us:  

Just listen to me and do as I say, and you will be ok.