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What do you gain by being or getting mad at God

Has it ever served you any purpose?

Has it ever gotten you anywhere?

Does it make you feel better when you are mad at God?  Or does it cause you stress as you are thinking about how mad at Him you are?

Do you really believe you can harm Him by getting mad at Him? Or does He perhaps look at you and say like our parents did….”Go to your room!”

Do you stay mad at Him and have you?  Are you now?

Have i myself ever been mad at God?   YES!  Too many times to count!

Has it ever ever ever, gotten me anywhere? 

No.  Never.

What does satan want?

He wants you mad at God, mad at anything, everything, everyone, even yourself.

Sometimes, especially when you do not know someone, it takes time to like them and sometimes even more time to learn more and grow to love them.  Many times you have to learn to love their family members too.

Just as you would someone you were “courting” to be your true love or even as a best ever friend…Take some time to learn about Jesus and His heavenly Father Jehovah God Almighty, Yahweh for short. :-))!  (and also their cast out family member satan, you need to know how to fight him)

Don’t be mad at God for anything, throw it away, cast it off.  It is a waste of your time.  It will get you nowhere, immediately.  When you are mad at God, Jesus or whoever, where ever…..satan is laughing at you.   If you want to be mad, be mad at that!

So what can you do??  

Pick up a bible, any bible and read the first five books.  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and look for every single little teenie tiny thing that you can see where God is commanding something.  Anything.  Not just the famous Ten Commandments.  Anything you can see.   And then try to listen to those commands and do them.  If you do not want to read the bible, then that is ok too.   Simply talk to Him, God Almighty and if you are sincere, He will send Jesus to comfort and guide you.   Prepare yourself to hear the thoughts they will place in both your mind and your heart.  Listen to them, hear them, feel them.  Act upon them.  Immediately.

A Hint for you:  Only God Almighty and His Son Jesus can place thoughts in both your mind AND IN your heart.  That is when you know those thoughts are from them, meant to guide you and tell you what to do.   satan on the other hand can only place thoughts in your head.  So What am i saying?  If the thoughts are not in both your head and your heart and you can feel them, then they are not from God.  **(If they are only in your head, they are of satan the Liar, the Deceiver.  Do not act upon them but focus on God even more.)

Example?   Being mad at God is a reaction, an emotion which is only a result of thoughts that are in your head.  (satan laughing)   Take away satans  entertainment and you will find Peace.  I guarantee you.  Yes, it takes work and concentration, but it is worth it.

You won’t be able to follow all of God’s commands most likely, do not get discouraged, but you can try and you will hear and feel His desire for you to be “ok” in this life, right here, right now on this very earth in satans system.  It is God’s instructions, discipline, commands which IF we do as He says will keep us ok.   If we don’t and instead we just get mad and stay mad at Him.    We lose.  

With each command or exercise of God’s discipline we follow, you will gain strength from God Himself and direction and comfort from His Son Jesus. 

Throw off the madness at God.  Start today, Start Right Now.

Make your efforts sincere to get to know Him more, to “court” Him.  You won’t be disappointed, You might just find and make a new BFF! (Best Friend Forever)