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In the Bible in John 9:3 , Jesus‘s disciples asked Him why a certain blind man was born blind, which Jesus was getting ready to heal.  They asked, was it because of his sins or the sins of his parents?  

Jesus replied in verse 3 – “It was not because of his sins or his parents sins.  This happened so the power of GOD could be seen in him.”

We always find ourselves saying, “why was that person born with this or that disability, or short coming or why am i so sick or full of pain everyday or depressed etc etc.”

You have done it, i have done it, we all have done it.

Well, that scripture sighted above, i have always had a difficult time wrapping my head around….thinking….”SHEESH!  If THAT shows the power of God, then i am not real happy with God!”

Then today as i was thinking of a friend of ours pain she is in along with my past, my current health and my present goings on…..it hit me.

There is so very much to it all, but i know this.

* If this friend of ours was not in the condition she is in…..most likely we would have never met.  We did meet.   By God’s Power.

* In my current state of health, i force myself to get up & out to help others in the business i am in.   When i am there helping others i have the strength to do it for the length of time i am there.  Literally…By God’s Power.

* When you are in agony of pain, or depressed or troubled in any way, but you are able to “touch” someone by your presence, your voice, your humor, your generosity, your comfort, your energy, your tears, your willingness to be helped by others or to help others…….it is ALL, By God’s Power.

* Remember when you helped that person that was depressed, severely ill or maybe even dying?  Or maybe even it was simply an animal that needed your help.   Remember when you stopped everything and helped that being? You took something away from it all, you experienced something deep inside you, remember?  Picture it….feel it, again.   We do nothing, nothing without God’s breath.   What you did and came away with was…by God’s Power.

And what is “Learned” by it all?  

Faith, Strength, Love, God’s personality, God’s desire and purpose for people to help each other…..even if you are in pain or turmoil.  Why?  So that you draw closer to Him and call on Him and RELY on Him 100% to give you the ability to do what you need.  That is to put your trust in Him 100% that He will come through for you and that what He wants you to do is for our own good.  Even if it hurts in some way.   When we rely on Him 100% and know that we cannot do anything, not anything at all without His breath in our life, it is then that He is able to send Jesus to guide us and “walk us through”.  To put His arm around us and surround us with his massive wings.  Ahhhhh, the warmth, the comfort, the strength.  So, you see, feel and Learn God’s Power.  You see, even Jesus has no power and does nothing without or from His Father who sends him.  Jesus himself states that in the New Testament.  Think about THAT one!   Even Jesus gets to “Learn” God’s Power.   Jesus was simply a better and quicker learner then we all are  :-))!  Need an example?  here is a tiny one in John 8:28-29.   There are a few more too.  :-))!

When ever we come away from helping someone through their pain, especially when we ourselves are in pain…….that is God’s Power.

You know you have felt that….God wants you to feel it more.  It is free actually.

What have we learned?   Rely on God 100%.  Push through your pain, get up in Jesus’s name and make arrangements to leave your house and go help someone in Jesus’s name.  

Hint:   That someone could even be yourself.   :-))!

Though, when you help someone else, you come away with a multitude of feelings and experiences.   THAT….is By God’s Power.

Sometimes, as you help someone, even yourself, satan likes to get in the middle.   It is when you get through it and look back at the experience, it is then that you can see God’s Power.   He has taught you how to fight satan.

He has “Learned” you.  Oh, and it is an ongoing Learning Curve.  Never ending.  HE, designed it that way, and that is ok, it is what will keep us ok in this world satan has control over.   But, it is up to us to step up and Listen to the great Teacher when he taps on your shoulder or places a thought in you.  

That will be God the Father in heaven, sending his Son Jesus to “walk you through.”  To show you more. To Learn you more. 

Funny thing….do you know what tales place as all this is happening and you are helping that “someone else”???   Even if it is for a moment or hours, you seem to forget about YOUR pain or troubles for that time being.  God wants us to practice that as much as we can, so that HE can make those pain and troubles dissipate.   

The minute, the very minute we forget to rely on Him the pains come back.  Think of those pains as satan laughing at you.   That always seems to get me going!

Do not just call on God or His son Jesus.  RELY on them BOTH.  100%. 

Do not just believe in God and His Son Jesus,   BELIEVE them.