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Today i simply want to Thank You Jehovah for a number of things:

1)  Thank You for Jesus and the direction you allow Him to give me

2)  Thank You for my wife Patreesha  :-))!

3)  Thank You for the pets in our life which bring us so many smile and tears

4)  Thank You for our comfortable home in the nice quiet community we live in

5)  Thank You for the friends you have given us.  

6)  Thank You for giving me the strength and discipline to exercise in the hope of gaining back my health and doing my part to help you do that.

7)  Thank YOU for being here, every second of every day for me to call on and to serve.

Thank you Jehovah for your strength, both physically and mentally,  Thank You Jesus for your ideas and direction and your example of how to eat.

In Jesus name i pray, Thank you Both!