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This Ones For You!

Yep, You

Jesus, is out there.  Everywhere, all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You know that, if you don’t, then now you do.   It is how and why, when you wake up in the middle of the night at 2:00am or 3:30am that you say to Him, “please help me”, “please show me”, “please tell me what to do”.   He and his Father are there.   Always.

It is not not they have left us, it is that they may have left us to ourselves, to our own doing, since we think we know so much.  They did not want to wear out their welcome….so to speak :-))!

You feel Jesus simply isn’t around, like he is not focused on you.  (I know this)  Well, ok that may be true to an extent, because he is focusing on someone who may be listening to Him just a tiny bit more and doing what he says.  However, he is Always there, simply waiting on you, i, simply everyone, to focus on HIM.  When we do he will turn his focus back to us again, all he is doing is giving you a little room to grow, to breathe…to learn, to see, to experience.   Meditate on Him and ask Him what HE wants, do not think about what You want.   And then wait for it.  Wait for him to show you, to move you, to begin little by little to tell you what he wants for you.  Try as hard as you can to be patient as this may take some time, but it is on Jesus’s timeline, not ours. THAT, is also for our benefit.

Jesus and His Father Jehovah together are there, i guarantee you.  

Don’t give up, don’t stop looking, seeking, listening, feeling, responding.

Jehovah is Jesus’s Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Father.  HE is the one who says Yes or No to everything that takes place, Jesus is the idea man, the Shaker & Mover.  Jesus has plenty of great ideas and knows exactly what His Father wants and needs and how He likes it done for the good of all.

We may not be wealthy or healthy, we may not have a million dollar business, we may not have all the answers….and that is correct, we do not have all the answers you and i, no one here on this crazy place we call Earth does.   But ya know what?  None of that matters, because Jesus does AND He uses the weak, the down trodden, the poor and the ones who have even done wrong to do his work.

He, knows our Hearts and our Souls. He knows us better then we do.

Listen to Jesus, He is the one that gives you that little push, that tiny thought that fleets past your mind here and there.  Do what he says.  Try it, what do you have to lose?  How do you know it is Jesus pushing you?  Jesus will always do it in the way that is best for you and in the way you are typically comfortable, maybe not always, maybe sometimes it may be a little uncomfortable…..but you can tell because deep down you know it is something you are able to do.  If it is a thought or a push from satan, then you will be extremely uncomfortable and have extensive doubt.  Listen to Jesus’s push, it will be like listening to yourself only with a positive twist……..  :-))!

I can feel you don’t feel He is there, either of them actually.

I can assure you they are.

Jesus, is simply waiting on You.