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You want it Now right?  Tired of struggling?  Tired of strife?  Tired of being tired, sick and tired of being sick and tired right?!!!  NOW NOW NOW!!!   I WANT RELIEF NOW!!  WHY IS IT TAKING SO FREEKING LONG!!!

Possibly upset that people tell you to wait on God and He will help you or maybe even Jesus will?  Upset at God Himself for taking so dang long!?  Right?

Well, a couple things.  First, remember we cannot do anything without God’s help.   That is not a negative, it is actually a positive.  2nd, In addition and this may be hard for you to wrap your head around, but Jesus cannot do anything without God either.  He even says so.  Look for it in the New Testament, at John 5:19.

So again, back to our impatience with God and His Son Jesus and their lack of our sense of urgency and need.  Why is it taking them soooo stinkin long to answer my prayers!   WHY! WHY! WHY!

Lets put it into a simple perspective.

Years.  What are years to us?  Is it not true that you find yourself saying…..”Man, the years are just flying by”.  Right?  You do that right?  I know i do.

So what are years then to God and Jesus?  Welllll, the Bible tells us that 1,000 years to us, is like One Day to God.   Hmmmmmmmm, so lets take that a tad further.  IF, IF that is true…..

2 Peter 3:8 – However, let this one fact not be escaping YOUR notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

For conversation sake only and to make my point more obvious, i will take an example of some scientists believing that the origin of the “hominid” or human form dates back to over 6-8 million years ago.  In addition they also state that our current form of human kind, the Homo Sapiens date back only 100,00 years. Obviously however there are simply too many different findings or theories on this, so please just keep that in mind.  i am only using these two figures to make a simple point.  Soooo, here are some head spinning word problems for ya!

1) 8 Million Years – If this is true for example and taking that one day to God is like one thousand years to us – That would mean that so far it has been 8000 – One Thousand years of time to us.  8000 x one thousand years = 8 million years.   Are you still with me?  LOL, i  know, i know, just hang on here.  Ok sooo, now……if it has been 8000/one thousand years to us, how many days is that to Jehovah God and His Son Jesus?  Is your head spinning yet?  :-))!   This example would mean that even according to Science…. it has only been 8000 days to God, or  22 years….. yes, in this scenario,  only 22 years total to GOD.  Heck, many of you reading this may only be 22 years old as we know it!

2) 100,00 yearsA little easier maybe, but here we go.  In this example some scientists state that us, humans as we know us now (Homo Sapiens) have existed for anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 years.  Not very long in the scheme of things.  So again, One Thousand Years to us, is like a day to Jehovah God.  With that in mind, (bear with me here) 100,000 years to us = 1000 years x 100.   Got it?   Soooo, again, if One Thousand years is like a day to Jehovah God and His Son Jesus, then in this example that would mean that to God, it has only been…… ready?……..it has only been 100 days to GOD or 3.65 months!!!!   YOUZA!  Has it hit you yet???   :-))!

3) 30,000 Years – Totally hypothetical. But simply to again make a point.  Many say according to the Bible the presence of mankind is approx 6000 or so years.  Ok, so given that, hypothetically,  i am even giving more time, padding it if you will to 30,000 years in order to make this point.   If it is 30,000 years giving the examples of time to God above, then this example would mean that to God it has only been  30 days….. and if you say 6000 years, then 6 days.   NOW?  Is it hitting you now???

2 Peter 3:8 – However, let this one fact not be escaping YOUR notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

An Analogy for ya:  You are on a trip, driving, from Minnesota to Florida, You, your Spouse and 9 young children.  You have planned for the 1600 mile trip to take about 5.5 days driving approx 300 miles per day.  After about 100 miles on the first day the young ones begin asking “Are We There Yet?”, “I need to go to the bathroom”, ” I am Hungry”, “I am thirsty”, “Danny hit me!” …… Every time you turn around they are demanding something else, complaining on something else.   Sound familiar?


Maybe you just got home from an extremely busy day at work (do ya think God and Jesus are busy at all, with all us whiners?) say a 12 hour day.  You are tired, sore, stressed maybe even depressed and your kids or maybe even your spouse are making demands on you before you even get in your car to drive home because they are already texting you on your cell phone what they are needing maybe even before you get home.  They are expecting the things they are asking or maybe telling you to do.  What is 12 hours to God?  Maybe nano seconds?  (all of a sudden Mork & Mindy comes to mind)  :-))!  Ooops, dating myself here!  Ok, sorry i digress.  So you get in the door and every time you turn around, again they are demanding something else, complaining on something else.  You, You haven’t even gotten time to discuss or think about all the texts they were sending you as you drove home from work about all the things they needed from you!

Sound familiar? 

At this point i believe you get my point.   Give God and Jesus some time.  Since the beginning of time for mankind, It has only been really a few days for Jehovah and Jesus either way you look at it.  In fact to them in all honesty from what i get out of them, is time means nothing to them, it only means something to us.  For all we know it might even be like minutes or even seconds.  Every time God and Jesus turn around, literally, someone is sending them another text demanding something before they are even done helping the other 1000 people they were just working on.   God is saying, “COME ON!  Give me a break, I can’t even breathe you are asking so much!”  “What will you do for ME, for your God Jehovah!!?”  “How about a little patience!!?”  (And yes He is raising His voice) They, Jehovah and Jesus are extremely busy helping everyone, everywhere and every single second of time, every time they turn around, someone somewhere is demanding something of them, from them and we want it now!!…… 24 hours per day.  

Remember, They are living, breathing Beings, Souls also.

Funny thing?  You and i get to sleep.   Jehovah God Never Sleeps.  Give Him some time.   Be patient.  Be true, be faithful.  Do not simply believe in God, but Believe God.  Obey Him, His Commands and He will answer you sooner, He will turn around to see you and hear you.

Psalms 121: 1-8

1 I shall raise my eyes to the mountains. From where will my help come?  2 My help is from Jehovah, The Maker of heaven and earth.  3 He cannot possibly allow your foot to totter.  The One guarding you cannot possibly be drowsy.  4 Look! He will not be drowsy nor go to sleep,  He that is guarding Israel.  5 Jehovah is guarding you.  Jehovah is your shade on your right hand.  6 By day the sun itself will not strike you, Nor the moon by night.  7 Jehovah himself will guard you against all calamity.  He will guard your soul.  8 Jehovah himself will guard your going out and your coming in From now on and to time indefinite.

Be patient, remember, it has only been a few days to God and His heavenly family.

What will we do for Jehovah God?  Maybe it is time we do something for Him instead of always asking for something from Him?

What will you do?

Read some of the Bible today will you?  Any questions?  Feel free to ask.