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Yes,  it could be too late for you.  It does not have to be though.  Why do i say it could be too late?  Well, it depends what you are looking for honestly.  Are you looking for everlasting life in a perfect world?  If so, it could be too late for you if Jesus returns tomorrow for example and you are still denying Him and Jehovah.  Or are you not looking for everlasting life but something else?   Or do you believe the World/Universe will just keep going on no matter what, due to some cosmic scientific force, in other words not of a Creator?  For you too, denying Jehovah it could be too late for you if Jesus, Jehovah God‘s Son comes tomorrow to end this war/game with satan.  It is real, seriously, simply look at all the parallels of life today and of Biblical accounts or instruction.

Look to Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and of course Israel…that entire region which is in the middle of severe upheaval/unrest and severe violence, more then we have seen for many years.  It is escalating, that is a fact.  This area is precisely where Jehovah God had many of His battles and states He will have more.  It is also the site of  Armageddon’s beginning, which of course will then spread world wide from there.   I say it is in the beginning stages, we are near, very near and yes, time is running out.

In my own personal case for example, i may be looking for something else, i personally believe fully in Jesus Christ and His Father, our Creator, Jehovah God Almighty.  I believe you can attain everlasting life by believing in both of them, having Faith and obeying Jehovah’s Commands, just as He states.  I do not believe, in our life as we know it and live today that we can obey every single one of Jehovah’s Commands (many more then Ten) , however, He knows our hearts and if we make every effort we possibly can to obey Him, then our chances of living a good long life are great.  That is HIS pattern.   With that said, i personally am not doing what i do and my faith in Jesus and Jehovah is not motivated by the fact that if i simply have faith in them that i will have everlasting life.  I am not asking for that from them.  I do not expect it from them.   I personally am leaving it 100% up to Jehovah for HIM to decide if HE wants me in the new world once He makes it perfect again.   The only reason i am doing what i do and even writing this blog is to help Jehovah and Jesus win this little “war” they have going with satan…. or as i like to call it the “game” they are playing.  I am on Jehovah and Jesus’s side, on their team.   I want with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength for them to win. THAT, is the something else i am looking for.  Why?  Because i believe Jehovah created everything and truly cares and has done and does great things for all of us everyday, 24/7,  if we choose to focus on them.   So, my only motivation is for Jehovah and Jesus to win this war/game with satan so that everyone who follows Gods commands, wants everlasting life, to live forever can and will.

It is not easy to follow Jehovah’s Commands, no not at all.  He didn’t mean for it to be.  Remember, and i am paraphrasing here…. His saying of:  the way is very narrow to get to Him and the perfect world of everlasting life.  Yes, i know it reads in many texts…”the way to heaven”, but you see not everyone goes to heaven, heaven is for His government, it is here on this earth where the rest of us will be if we make it through that narrow gate.

Again, no, it is not easy and Jehovah did not intend for it to be.   HOWEVER, it is very simple.   OBEY HIS COMMANDS.  If you obey them, all will be good for you.  The awesome thing is He gives you all the help you want……that is, ask for from your heart and meaning it, acting on it.   There is so much direction and discipline in the Bible it is amazing.   Read it, focus on it and Jehovah God.   If you do it earnestly and from the heart he will speak to your heart.  He will 100% help you, i guarantee you.   BTW, help does not always mean money or things.  There is much much more to Jehovah God and Jesus then simply money or things.

The funny thing about all of this is a couple things.  To be specific a couple commands of Jehovah.  You see, if we as a world could simply follow TWO of his commands then all the rest of His commands would come very easy and practically fall into place:

Command #1) You must  Love Jehovah God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength.

Command #2)  You must Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Its funny to me, we as a society cannot even follow these two commands.  Why?  Because we want to do whatever the heck we want to do, just as satan tricked Adam and Eve into doing.  There is a parallel right there?  Do you see it?   Ever since that moment in time, when satan deceived Adam and Eve we as a people have done and do whatever we want to do because we think we know what is best for us.   NO, we do not. But, Jehovah God gives us more then enough direction.  Here is another parallel for you:   Remember how your parents disciplined you?  Did you listen to them? Did they seem to have a bunch of rules/commands?  Yes?  No?  Which ever it was you see the results.  Their discipline is a direct parallel to Jehovah Gods Commands, where do you think our parents, the ones who seemed to care that is, got all those ideas from?  Okay, then you say…well my parents abused me.   I say to you right now,  those parents were on satans side of the game, not Jehovah’s and Jesus’s.   So which side do you want to be on?  Its your choice, do it now, pick up that Bible and read it and or get with someone who can help you read it and ask Jehovah God for His comfort, wisdom, courage and strength.  Ask for Jesus to help you and be with you also.  Take them both as your coaches.  They will be more then happy to help you.

Do it today, tonight or right now.  Because if this all out war between Jehovah, Jesus and satan starts tomorrow, 10pm tonight  or at 3:30 in the morning, and it could and you are still “asleep” and wanting or thinking you are going to live in the new world that will be created/rebuilt afterwards, but you are still denying the existence or even the relevance of God and not even trying to obey His commands…………… It is time to wake up, time to be Awake.  If you are not……

Then, it will in fact be too late for you.

Scared?  You need to be!  Unless of course none of this matter to you.

Need more?  Here is another parallel for you:  Although I call this “war” between Jehovah and satan a “game”, please understand it is a game HE is extremely serious about and i also take extremely seriously.   Why a game?  Here is the parallel:   Games, we have and play many of them.  Lets just take one parallel as an example,

1)   Football.  Does that create a picture yet? No?  Ok, here it is.  With most games, in order to play the game you have to have two teams.  You have to have the playbook, players, coaches, the fans.  Hmmm, see the parallel yet?  No?   Wellll, two teams….  The playbook is the Bible.  Jehovah’s Team and satans team.   Jehovah is the head coach for HIS team and has other coaches beneath HIM and satan is the head coach for his team and has coaches beneath him as well also.  Honestly, this is not only a parallel but extremely literal.   You can either be a player on one of the teams or simply a bystander/someone who does not participate.  Maybe you even want to be a coach?  In football someone is always trying to win the “game”.  Where do you think we even thought up the idea of games?  It does not take a rocket scientist people, really it doesn’t.  Open your eyes and heart, take off satans blinders.  Which team will you root for?  Which team will you be on?

Will you participate, or simply sit in the stands and watch?


So you see, personally, i made the decision a long time ago which side/team i wanted to be on and why.  It isn’t for me, it is for you.  Yes, you.  I am on Jehovah and Jesus’s team so you might get this.  So you might get it, that Jehovah God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ are for real and DID happen just as they state in the Bible.  There are simply too many parallels  for it to not be true.  Too many proofs in my own life for it not to be so.

The culmination of the War/Game, the “Most Grand Almighty Superbowl” could take place tonight, tomorrow morning or even on your way home as you are driving and texting someone in your car, “asleep” in other words.

I am not asking you, Jehovah is Telling You, WAKE UP!  It is Time!

Focus on HIM, Obey His Commands from your heart as best you can. as many of them as you can.

Pick up a Bible right now, today, tonight, read it and ask from your heart for Jehovah’s warming comfort, wisdom, courage, and strength.   Practice it, dwell on it, focus on it intently.   If you do not, and you were thinking of having everlasting life…..

It may be too late for you!    It does not matter who you are or how many horribly bad things you feel you may or may not have done or are doing…as long as you can read this blog…it is NOT too late for you!   Hurry, do it now!

Prayer for today:   In Jesus’s name i come before you Jehovah to pray you find each and every one of us here today who are struggling with this and i pray and ask that you please send one of Your angels or Your Son, Jesus Christ to help each of us that want to and seek to understand, to give those the little shove You gave me long ago and also the huge kick in the butt You, Jehovah God gave me personally, recently.  In Jesus’s name i pray for you Jehovah God to bring forth your instruction to all of us here today and provide clarity as it is received by all who read and  receive it.  Thank you dear Jehovah, in Jesus’s name, Amen.