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A Thought For You Today…….

Do Not Blame God, For Something Man Has Done.  No matter whether it may be at Play, Home, Work, in a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or a Kingdom Hall.

That is man in all those places.  Created by man.  Run by man.

Do Not Blame God for man hurting you or misleading you.

God gives us all, more then enough advice, direction and Commands in the Bible if we are willing to honestly look.  HE gives us these, gave these commands, because HE knew we would need them and because he cares.  Study the commands and strive to obey them.  Take one at a time if you have to.  They are His Commands, directly from Him.

Read your Bible today, right now if you can.  Don’t have one?  They are very easy to find.  Look for one.  Read it.  Search out God’s Commands in the first five books of the Bible.   Make a decision to try and listen to what Jehovah God says and to obey Him and His Son Jesus, as He commands us to do.

Have questions?  Ask them.  In fact ask Jesus and His Father Jehovah God as you are reading the Bible and they will soon answer you, you will see.

Don’t rely on man, don’t rely on my words alone here either.  Here is a scripture on that if you like.  Psalms 146:3-10,  please look it up and read it slowly, enjoy it, savor it.  We must do what God says, if we do, our lives will be much much simpler and enjoyable.

Haven’t you noticed yet, that when we rely on ourselves or man what happens?  Look in the mirror, look around you.   If you want to change it, simply do what Jehovah God and His Son Jesus Christ tell us to do.  Oh and by the way….if you notice, Jesus Christ even tells us to obey His Father the Almighty God.  I personally enjoy His Fathers name as Jehovah God.

Rely on what Jehovah God has put down in the Bible for each and every single one of us.  Each and every single one of us.  It is there to be had if you want it.

Do not Blame God.  Take responsibility for not listening to Him.

Make the decision today.   Just Do it.  Go for it!  Pick up that Bible and Run With It!  Go into your private room and read it, God will answer you.  Keep alert, keep watch for HIS answer.  He will answer you.