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To All Inmates, Ex-Cons, Alcohol & Drug Abusers & Dealers….. This one’s for you.




As i laid in bed at 12:45am, unable to sleep for the last hour due to God‘s persistent nudging me to get up and write.  So here i am.  :-))!

Just a simple and brief blog to All Inmates, Ex-Cons, Alcohol & Drug Abusers & Dealers…..

Jehovah God wants you to know…..HIS Bible, in other words, HIS Word….  is for you too.

Yep, sure is!  As long as we are each one of us alive and here on this earth, we have the opportunity to make it right with Jehovah God.  Once we are dead, ohhhh man, then it is entirely up to HIM.  HE will then have the last word as HE of course always does.  However, you, each one of you no matter what you have done, have the opportunity to make it right with God.   He insures that.  He is waiting for you, literally, as HE knows each and every single one of us.  It will be much better for all of us if we make it right with God now, while we are still alive here on this earth.  Why?  Because HE is allowing it, giving you, all of us the time.  Because HE wants you, all of us to enjoy our life while we are here.

So go ahead, find a Bible, any Bible.   Pick it up and in the back you will typically find an index you may use to look up specific words you may be thinking about.  Do it, take one of your thoughts that run through your head all the time and look for that word in the index in the back of the Bible, if it is not there, think of another word that describes the same thought and look that word up.  You will find it.  Keep looking.

Why?  Because Jehovah God wants you too.   HE is waiting, literally waiting, practically holding HIS breath waiting for you to pick up His word (the Bible) and invite Him in to your room.  You see, He created You, and then you went away.  But thats ok, He is waiting….for you.  Literally.

If you are the daring type….:-))!   Read the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament which is the 5th book of the Bible.   If you are the extreme type  (double smiles>>> :-))!  :-))! )  Then read the first five books of the Bible.  Genesis through Deuteronomy….sort of a crash course on Jehovah God.

Then a little later on we can talk about one of the most awesome gifts (Jesus) which God gave to us, supplying us with even more tools to have a good life.  But, we will talk about Him more later, when you are ready.  Once you have connected to Jehovah God again.

So go ahead, please go find a Bible or pick up yours, the one you haven’t looked at for years.

Go ahead, even now is good as Jehovah is waiting.  He never sleeps.