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God, as i choose to call Him, Jehovah, is not the Author or creator of Confusion.

There is only one who owns that title and that is satan.  He is the God of Confusion, the Great Deceiver.  And for some reason he is very proud of that.

This brings to my mind a thought about Jehovah God and Jesus.

Jehovah is simply the God Almighty.  HIS title is God Almighty.

If Jehovah was Jesus on Earth, HE would have not called Himself Jesus.  He would have just said who He was.  Jesus is the Christ, The Savior.

People being taught that Jesus is God, simply opens the door to extreme confusion and has for many decades.  That is satan at work.  Causing confusion from that very moment in the Garden of Eden.  From that very moment and every single moment since then.  Literally, not symbolically.

If you really read the famous scripture of John 3:16 and continue on into verse 17 you will see that Jesus does not have the same “rights” as Jehovah.  Please go to your Bible and read it.  Hold it in your hands and read it slowly, quietly.   It is stated Jesus was here to save the world, “not judge it”.  Jesus’s job was to “save”, to foster and grow Faith and Love. Only Jehovah has the Authority to make final Judgement.  Jehovah sent His only “begotten Son” in order to have a calm and gentle mediator as Jehovah God knows HE Himself has a strong and strict temper.  Jehovah was and IS to this very moment,  in fact giving us a huge break and Gift in Jesus Christ.

No confusion there.  God is God, and Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ.  Simple and straight forward.

THAT is Jehovah God.  Read, study and meditate (think deeply) on HIM like you never have before.  Even if you have studied it before.  Try it anew with a renewed frame of mind seeking God’s real truth and HE will show you how precisely direct and simple HE alone has laid out direction for us to live by and thus have an enjoyable life. HE never promises a life of grandeur  here on this earth as we know it currently, but HE does tell us if we follow HIS commands that we will be happy and have what we need in order to get through THIS life.   Go ahead, pray on that and study on that, do not just take it from me and these words.  Look for it in the Bible, in the Old Testament and even the New Testament, but look at them both and Jehovah God Himself will show you.


***** P.S.  BTW, when ever anyone sights a scripture, please, for your own safety in knowledge and clarity read at least a few verses before and after the sighted or quoted scripture to get more of the story.  Never just look at that single quoted scripture.  That is where satan likes to brew confusion.  satan does not want you to know the whole truth, because satan thinks…..”You can’t handle the truth!”  — Prove satan wrong today!