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So, we all have believed at one time or another how the 10 Commandments are so overwhelming, overbearing and impossible for us as imperfect humans to accomplish.  I understand, however i do appreciate having them as something to strive to accomplish.  Reaching for the Stars so to speak.  :-))!

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Ever since i began to read and study the Bible i have said to myself…there simply has to be more.   God has to have more to say, more to tell us how to act and how to run our daily lives then just what i have learned in the different man-made religions i have been part of.

I hungered for more direction, i ached for more information on how to live my life, more than i found in the normal course of Bile reading or studying.

So, my wife Pat found this site, a site of the Jewish Laws containing 613, yes you read that correctly…. thats 613 Commandments from Jehovah God which His Son Jesus is here to make sure we follow.   Remember, my Home Page here says to keep an open mind when you are here on my blogs.   Yes these were found on a Jewish website, but, they are from the Bible and from GOD.  That, is simply all that matters.  Remember, the first Five Books of the Bible are the Laws from God.

I have not been through them all myself yet, but i am so extremely excited to see that they are there.  It is a huge list of Commandments, showing, no, ording us how to live our lives and i THANK GOD for showing them to me.  I will treasure them and make every attempt to follow them that i can.

I am extremely excited to be able to share them with you and hopefully many others both here and on the streets.

Soooooooooooooooooo, here ya go! Take a look at the following link.  Do not be overwhelmed, be Thankful God has given us more then just the 10 Commandments, but rather an entire map of how to live our lives.