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Do Your Part……But Do Not Try To Do God‘s Part, The Load Is Too Heavy To Bear – And If You Are Not Careful, You Will Break Under The Weight Of It. – (from the Book Battlefield of the mind, By Joyce Meyer)  By the way, i recommend this book to you.  It is a good read as well expected.

Is that not simply well said and very much the truth?

How many times have you caught yourself “knocking yourself out” over stress of a situation…… or as Joyce says it above…..breaking under the weight of all your worry because you are trying to do God’s part of a certain situation?

WOW, i know i certainly have……wayyyyy too many times.

I am focusing now on doing My part and leaving God’s part up to Him….getting out of his way so He can do His job.  It is as easy as we make it or as complicated as we make it.  Focus on God and His Son Jesus and it will be much much easier.

Are you struggling with this?  Go ahead, pick up a Bible…any Bible and focus on Jehovah God for a little bit, even if it is for even 10 minutes.  The more you do it, the more you meditate on God and follow His Son Jesus, you will see and feel a difference.

Enjoy the peace and warmth of them both  :-))!