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So, i have been on a mission to get closer to God and Jesus then i have ever been before, and i thought i was pretty close to Jesus as it was.  No, not that i did everything perfect or even walked with Jesus perfectly, but rather that i knew Him and was very close to Him in my relationship with Him therefore on my way to getting closer to His Father Jehovah God through Jesus.  In other words, i have been doing my best to do God’s work and what Jesus sets me out to do on His behalf.

Sooooo, this morning i was having one of my praying/talking/conversations with God and Jesus as i normally do throughout my day and i was asking God to show me how to be more like HIM, how to get closer to HIM.  I know i must and always have tried to be or do like Jesus does to my capacity, but i have been praying alot lately asking God to show me how to be more like HIM and walk closer to HIM also.  Over and over i have been asking this.

THEN, all of a sudden as i was praying Jehovah God put these words and thoughts into my heart:  “I did NOT say to be like ME, I said to GLORIFY ME and OBEY ME, I sent MY Son Jesus for you, to have Faith in and to do His Works and to Be Like Him.  I want you to be like Him.”

WOW, Thank You Jehovah for those direct words.  They saved me actually a lot of stress as i should know there is no way i can “be like YOU (God).”

HE sent Jesus as a Ransom, as a Mediator a Teacher, someone for us to emulate, to do His works.

Now that i think of it, it is all so clear…….THAT is how satan got into such trouble….it makes sense…..satan tried to be too much like Jehovah God.

Thank You Jehovah!  I get it now.  We are to OBEY Jehovah God, Glorify HIM and follow, love, learn from and also obey Jesus’s commands.  

Jesus, The Great Teacher whom Jehovah God sent because HE knew we needed that “Gentle Touch.”


How do you obey God?  Read the Bible and HE Himself will tell You.  Meditate (Think deeply) on Him and HE Himself will educate You.  Seek HIM and HE will find You.  It honestly IS that simple.

P.S.  (Jesus looking down at me saying with a grin on His face:  “Told Ya!”)  Gotta Love Him eh!!?  I sure do!  :-))!