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Today is Thursday 1/12/2012 and it is one of the days where my fiance of 8 years, Pat and i sat and read, studied and meditated (deep thought) on God and Jesus, together in the early hours of the morning at 5:00am – 6:45am.  

Pat does it every morning and i do it with her on occasion.

The thing is, i Thank God For These Days….these kind of days or mornings.  They are a priceless gift to me from God Himself directly.  He literally is handing the gift to both Pat and i as we share together His Glory and His and His Son Jesus’s personalities.  It is an incredibly peaceful although sometimes….hmmmm……intensely interesting time.  God can be very direct in His word shall we say :-))!

But, one thing for sure is we always know where He stands.

Bottom line is, these kind of days i consider a Priceless Gift and i Thank God for them and for sharing Jesus with us also.  

Maybe you have a spouse or partner that you feel you have nothing to contribute to in a conversation.  Believe me, when you meditate on God He will give you both plenty to talk about.   It’s honestly a blast!  :-))!  Please, do it, you will Thank God for the Gift.

Usually in the evenings we will also do the same, read, study and meditate on God, Jesus and God’s word.  It always makes for a peaceful and warm evening.  What a gift.

If you have found that you have gotten away from reading about, or meditating on God and Jesus, i encourage you to pick up the Bible once again and read a bit.  Look at it from a different perspective.  One where you are trying to learn what God and Jesus’s personalities are like and what their “Story” is.

I believe you will be amazed.  Do not hold on to the things you thought you knew about His word from when you read it or heard things about it years ago.   Look at it again, knowing what you know now.  Meditate (deep thinking) on it.

It will bring you a warm, peaceful evening or morning. 

Gift, a Priceless Gift.  One you can build on.  (It’s also a good way to keep satan at bay).