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Jesus in Pray

Even Jesus Prayed to His Father, God in Heaven

So you say God doesn’t listen.  Or maybe you are feeling like God is not there.

Let’s Think About It for a moment……

I understand, but remember we are here for Him, to Glorify Him.  It is not about  us, and quite honestly, that is a good thing!  Just think, if it was all about us what a mess we would be in…….ooooops….wait…….we are in a huge mess aren’t we…..see ….making it all about us simply doesn’t work.

So, you feel or believe many times that God doesn’t listen…..that He simply isn’t there.  You have given up on talking to Him.  Or maybe, you have simply given up?

Well here is a thought for you from what I know about Jehovah God and His Son Jesus.

Here is an extremely common scenario: You, are feeling distraught, miserable, there is nothing you can do about your current dire situation.  it is 2:17am, and you are tossing and turning, cannot sleep.  You start “praying”, who are you praying to?  Where is that entity you are praying to?  WHY, why are you all of a sudden praying at the very last minute???

Why?  first, to answer those questions….You are praying to God and Jesus. Where are they? They are right there.  Both of them.  The WHY is because Jehovah God has put it in you, placed it in our very souls the innate pull to contact Him through His Son Jesus Christ.  You cannot fight it, it’s simply automatic.  You can’t deny it.  You have done it many times.  

Why?  Because our God & His Son Jesus never ever, ever never sleep.  They are there at all times of the day and night.  They answer our prayers and requests on their time, not ours.  It is about Them, not us.  Let go of yourself and focus on them.

Focus on God and Jesus and you will see a difference.  Jehovah God guarantees it.  1Peter 5: 6-11

Talk to God and Jesus, they say it has been a long time…..it has hasn’t it?

They are there, BOTH of them, 24/7/365 days a year for the last umteen million trillion billion years or how ever long it has been :-))!  

Think of it!  Not just one but Both! Jesus and Jehovah God! 

They Miss You.