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I have studied and or read the Bible since 1983.  It is a continual read and a continual learning or awakening if you will.

There have been many times it was clear and many times i was frustrated with what i have read.  Also, there have been many times of comfort and peace as i read, in fact that is what i feel the most as i read the Bible.  Comfort and Peace from Jehovah‘s Word.  It is amazing what all He teaches us.

As of recently my wife Pat (been together 8 years now, so i refer to her as my wife) has been doing alot of study of the Bible which is fairly new to her in the way she is going about it.  Joyce Meyer inspired Pat to read and study more.  I myself had not been studying the Bible for quite some time but have always continued to refer to it when needed.  However, it has been a long time since i took time to really sit down and put study into it.

If you are like me and have not read on the Bible or studied on the bible for a long time.   Do it.  Start up again.  You will be glad you did.   BUT, make sure the reason you are doing it is for Jehovah’s Glory and not yours.  make sure it is to get to know Him and Jesus‘s wants, desires and requirements for you in this life.

Did you hate reading the Old testament because it was so boring and complicated?  Yeah, me too and millions of others like us!  :-))!  Wellll, read it again now that you are older and have seen, felt and experienced more in life.  Read and watch the story unfold.  It will look like a movie to you maybe.    You will see God‘s grand story in more detail from a fresher perspective.  Why?  Because Jesus and His Father Jehovah together want you to.

What i would like to say about reading the Bible though is this.  Do you debate it with others?   In doing the work of Jesus and Jehovah over the years with my organization, Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking Back Your Life Inc., i have used what Jehovah and Jesus have both taught me in their Word.  I have relied heavily on both of them for their direction in all i do in that work.  Everything i do with Straight Ahead Outreach and those we help is for Jesus and Jehovah’s Glory.

I know they have pushed me to studying the Bible once again and i am loving it.  You see, they know how much i love my wife Pat and they knew if they got her to study that i would return to it also.   Dang they are sneakily clever!!  LOL!  But i Love that about them and always have and always will :-))!

There is something though that i am getting from Jehovah and Jesus as i study this time.  It is that the Bible (their Word)  is there, in their voice and with Their presence as we read for each and every single one of Their Sheep to absorb and find Comfort and Peace in.  What i am feeling from them both, is that Their Word, the Bible is not to be debated out loud between two or more people either in the privacy of their own spaces or in public places.  I believe this is a protection for all His Sheep.  That in itself is comforting to me as one of Their Sheep.

What i am feeling is the Bible, Their Word, in Their voices and Their presence as we read (being a wonderful Gift and Miracle by the way) is given to us in order to keep each and every one of us, Their Sheep, close to them.  Very close to them, intimately close to them.  So, in what ever we as Jehovah and Jesus’s Sheep feel, take away, learn, hear, and experience as we study on Their Word, on Their voice is exactly what They, Jehovah and Jesus want us to feel, take away, learn, hear and experience based on each one of our needs at that very moment.  They know what we need, we do not.  They direct every step of ours, we do not. (Jeremiah 10:23 directing our steps)

So, what they are saying to me through their Spirit is this.  Put away the debating.  Study on Their Word.   Feel and Enjoy the Comfort and Peace They will give to you.  Take it away with you.  Talk about it with others, but do not debate it.  What you have read and studied upon their push, their prodding and pulling… It is yours, Their gift to you.   In the very second you debate it, you lose the Comfort and Peace which was Jehovah’s Gift to you.  And who would want to steal your Comfort and Peace?  Satan.  Do not give up which is yours in the Comfort and Peace Jehovah and Jesus extend to you as a Gift.

So read on, study intently.  Draw close to Jehovah and Jesus as they are inviting you, you, Their Sheep.

***Just a note:  Why do i refer so much to both Jesus and Jehovah?   It is because it seems we have as a society of followers of Jesus, that we have forgotten about the Old Testament, the older books of the Bible.  The Old Testament is Jehovah’s voice and the New Testament has Jesus’s voice added because Jehovah had sent Jesus to try and save His Sheep.  So see, there is always both of them now with us, as Jesus’s Father is still to this very second still very much alive and well!  :-))!

Read and study some today.  How ever you feel the need to study, that is how They want you to do it.

Enjoy the Comfort and Peace.  Maybe light a candle too.