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Please.  Hear me for a few minutes.  First, please know, this i am saying is a fact…..i realize your world “seems” so dark, so cold, so lonely, so many things you cannot seem to count……But please know this….those whom are bullying you, harassing you and making you feel like your world is a dark place…….know this……..those who are bullying you are but simply a handful. 

There are myriads, millions of us out here who LOVE YOU, care about your life, your fears, your frustrations, your needs and desires, your hopes and dreams.  Millions of us.  Millions.

Please.  Do not hide from us.  Please do not clam up.  Give us, the Millions Who Care about YOU a chance.  Reach out to us, talk to us.   Let us give you some direction, some ideas, a different view, maybe see things from a different angle, some Hope.  The Millions Who Care are made up of straight people and gay people.  All different types of people, everywhere.  We are people maybe you would never think of or maybe even think the worst of.  

Give us a chance.  

You and your awesome energies are needed here on this earth.  Always.

You, you are creative and smart.  You are determined and have ambition. You know things….lots of things.   You, you are caring.

Let us care.  The Millions Who Care.  Don’t give up on us.   Give us the chance.  Reach out to us.  Look for us, find us.  We are everywhere you are.

We might be me, writing this letter to you.  We might be a teacher, a mother or father, sister or brother.  We might be a hardware store clerk, a UPS driver or taxi driver,  a police officer, fireman, doctor or ambulance driver.  We could be anybody.  Even Jesus or God, or whoever you may call him.  Please, do not under estimate us or assume we will shut you out.  Give us a shot.  Reach out to us and talk to us.  I know it will hurt a bit to reach out,  but i guarantee you will smile, even if just a little bit.   :-))!  See?

Those who are bullying, the handful of people, they steal your life from you.   If you feel they have…..reach out……talk…….you…….YOU, can Take Back Your Life.  You, can steal your life back!  

Please, do not look back…….do not think back………look Straight Ahead at what You want, focus on it, concentrate on it……..go for it and Take Back Your Life.  

Now come on……please……reach out…..give the Millions Who Care a chance.

We are simply everywhere.  

***Do you feel a tug in your chest when you see someone you think you could talk to but are afraid to?   That tug in your chest is telling you to do it, that it is the thing to do.  Go for it!  Reach out. 

Don’t Give up on us.  The Millions Who Care.  We might be sitting next to you right now.  

Smile :-))!  Even just a little.

Lance Greene/ Founder